The Life of a Fat Cat

It Is So Hard....

  1. Because There is never enough food.
  2. Because there are never enough pets.

My Favorite Things

"Ode To A Fat Cat"

Oh what it is, to jump down and my knees give out.
The bowl is empty, I give a shout, but my human says -
Not now.
I am not satisfied with this answer.
So I look cute and show my tummy.
But when she goes to pet me ....
I attack her!!!

  Feed Me   Pet Me   Play With Me

Reasons To Love Me

Or hate me I Don't Care...

"Little Girl"

This. This is What my human calls me. But I am not little. I am a fierce lord of the underworld!

For now I let her sleep, imagining how hungry I am and how I could eat her if I so choose.